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About the Artist

care there would be  a chance I would never be able to draw, paint and sculpt again. So, from then and to this day I just strap my wrists up and carry on!


Through my final exhibition my work was brought to the attention of Mohammed Al Fayred of Harrods. He offered me a job and made me an offer on my massive Egyptian Sarcophagus sculpture. I turned him down on both counts.


Instead, I followed my dreams. I approached all the UK Film studios looking for work in Prop and Model Making. I got my first film job in 2004 working at Shepperton Studios on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory simultaneously, which has led onto working on over 25 major feature films.


Working in the freelance world there can be periods of downtime between jobs, especially when starting out. It was this time that I used to get back into painting. I hadn't painted a canvas in years. It started off with one or two and before I knew it I'd ran out of space for them all.


That’s when I started selling my art. I've sold online and at exhibitions and shows selling over 80 paintings worldwide to date. I’m inspired by everything around me from my love of film to my affinity to nature and animals. It's through the representation of the latter that I have recently begun to explore more symbolic and meaningful works. It is through this new collection of works that I feel like I have really become alive as an artist…..

tiger mefinal

I've always had an interest in art from an early age, partly due to my late Grandfather being a published Artist.


Through my detailed paintings and drawings I excelled in Art at school. I used to paint my dreams and fears, laying myself bare. But at A-Level my teacher chastised me for doing so; it had a huge knock on effect. From this I went onto explore 3 dimensional design and sculpture with an art foundation and a degree. A year into this course I began to question my artistic skills and drive, I downed tools and walked away from art for a couple of years.


I soon realised that you can’t deny what’s in your heart and soul and indeed who you are. I quit my office job and went back to full time education. I used to climb through the workshop window at lunch, just so I could carry on working, there was no stopping me second time round. In fact I worked so hard I irreversibly damaged all the tendons in both my wrists. I was told if I didn't rest up and take