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Chimpaneze Head- Life Size, made with latex,

crepe hair and glass eyes

Head Sculpture- Life Size.Made from plaster- faux bronze paint effect

Alien Head- Made from silicone with glass eyes

Giant Leopard Gecko- 3.5ft Long- Made from Fibreglass

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Star Wars -Ewok, Wicket Sculpture

Star Wars - Han Solo in Carbonite Sculpture



Sea Turtle Sculpture

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Yoda Sculpture


Yoda Busts


Liquorice Allsorts Stools

As part of my final exhibition of my HND we were asked to create a piece based on something we had seen in a museum. I created this Sarcophagus and columns based on pieces from The British Museum.


The Sarcophagus is made from wood board, polystyrene and plaster and is predominantly hand carved. The columns are made from plaster and stand over 9ft tall.

Egyptian Sarcophagus

A personal piece made for my own collection


His head, hands and feet were sculpted in clay, moulded and cast in fibreglass. His body is polystyrene on a steel frame and his clothes are all hand made. the Lightsaber is a bought piece

From the head cast of my yoda sculpture I made an additional collar so the heads could be displayed as busts


Made from fibreglass and painted to look like faux Silver and Bronze. these two are available to buy at £225 each

personal project


Made from fibreglass, measuring 7.5x20" and painted in silver effect

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third scale sculpture made from fibreglass

Man sculpture

Fibreglass sculpture measuring 12x13"

Commissioned stools


made from fibreglass

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Personal Project


Made from Fibreglass


16" to ears (19" to Spear)

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